Endodontic Surgery

Apicoectomy Can Save an Infected Tooth

While root canal therapy is often highly effective, there are some cases when treatment can fail. Whether due to exceptionally small dental roots that are missed during the procedure or a new infection, it is essential to seek timely treatment to protect your smile. Dr. Aric Petersen specializes in endodontics, allowing him to apply his extensive knowledge of the inner tooth structure to provide precise apicoectomy. This procedure allows direct access and treatment of inflamed tissue near the root of the tooth. Dr. Petersen uses advanced tools and techniques to provide maximum relief with minimal discomfort at our Scottsdale, AZ, office.

Do You Need an Apicoectomy?

Endodontic surgery may be recommended if:

  • You are suffering from persistent symptoms but no problems are evident 
  • A tooth becomes reinfected 
  • The roots or bone have become damaged
  • Some root canals were not addressed during the first treatment

Dr. Petersen and his team can perform an apicoectomy to relieve discomfort and protect the health of your tooth, often saving it from extraction.

How it works

An apicoectomy is an endodontic surgery that is designed to provide direct access to the tooth roots to alleviate the infection. During the procedure, your doctor will create an incision in the gum tissue near the afflicted tooth. This allows him to access the underlying bone and provides a better ability to evaluate the treatment area for any fractures or damage.

He will then remove any infected or inflamed tissue as well as the tip of the root, seal the root canal with a filling placed at the tip of the root, and suture the gums closed.