Patient Reviews

"Any visit for a root canal is stressful but the entire staff is exceptional at putting you at ease. Dr. Petersen explains everything clearly and the follow up instructions were fully explained. For my procedure Sierra assisted, she has a friendly, calming demeaner. I highly recommend this office for any dental surgery."

Marsha M.

Dr. Peterson takes the time to explain things and listen to his patients, both of which are rare. He is not only very good at his trade, but also has great people skills. His staff are very friendly and nice to work with. I’ve had minor cavity fillings that were more painful than a root canal with him. I would highly recommend him!

Ross F.


Any visit for a root canal is stressful but the entire staff is exceptional at putting you at ease.  Dr. Petersen explains everything clearly and the follow-up instructions were fully explained.  For my procedure Sierra assisted, she has a friendly, calming demeanor.  I highly recommend this office for any dental surgery.

Marsha M.


I was referred to the office by my general dentist for a difficult root canal. While root canals are never fun, the office staff were all friendly, efficient, and helpful. Dr. Petersen did a great job and was able to successfully complete the root canal. When the Novacaine wore off, I had almost no pain. Great job!

Cathy G.


I loved my visit at Peterson Endodontics. I was in horrible pain for a few days, and every clinic I called scheduled me months away. Peterson Endodontics took me in the next morning at 8 am. Everyone was extremely sweet and kind, and they went the extra way to help me relax about my needle phobia. The biggest difference between this clinic and others is the dentist uses a microscope for the closest view during the root canal process. This gave me peace of mind that I was getting the best work done. I’m super thankful for such a great clinic, and recommend them to everyone I know!

Eliza N.


Dr Petersen is kind, gentle and he cares. Great staff also. My 5-star rating is well deserved.

Paulette M.

Dr. Petersen and his team demonstrated 3 times that having a root canal procedure was neither painful or unpleasant. They were able to save all 3 teeth with their persistence, patience, and well-planned dentistry treatments. Dr. Petersen kept me well informed on all aspects of the treatment, answered all my questions, and had flexible scheduling. I would recommend Dr. Petersen to anyone needing an endodontist.

David M.


A tooth under a crown became badly abscessed and by the time I saw Dr. Peterson, the infection was impacting my jawbone. I was scared, because a round of antibiotics that my regular dentist had given me to control the swelling and infection had failed. After I spoke with Dr. Peterson, I began to relax. He explained every step calmly and answered all my questions thoroughly in a way that I could understand it all. I had to go through two procedures because during my first visit, the cheek above my infected tooth was still very swollen. He started the root canal, sent me home with more antibiotics to manage the infection and I came back in a week to complete the procedure after the swelling subsided. Both procedures were completely painless. Dr. Peterson and his staff were comforting, making me feel as relaxed as possible during my visits. I highly recommend Dr. Aric Peterson for endodontic work."

Mary B. 


I went here to see Dr. Aric Peterson for 3 root canal "re-do's" about 2 weeks ago. Crazy, right? I know... I'm a glutton for punishment. Aric and his staff were very comforting and accommodating with me. It was very quiet in his office, which I loved because I was shaking with anxiety. I opted for the nitrous oxide (which I personally recommend) as it sorta knocks you out - I was literally cold asleep in his chair for 3 hours of surgery. Dr. Aric was very competent and completed the jobs without fail. I can't thank him enough for the fabulous job he did with my teeth. Recommend this place for any endodontics work that you need done.

Erin H. 


I was referred to the center for Microsurgical Endodontics by the V.A. Dental department and I am so thankful.  Interaction with the front staff, Deena and Trish, the Dr.'s assistant Debbie, and of course Dr. Aric Petersen DDS (my doctor) has been a most pleasurable experience.  Scheduling to success, I feel the care I've received has been very professional, even return calls to me by the Dr. in order to address my concerns. I will now, without hesitation recommend Dr. Petersen to anyone needing his care.  Thanks again to all.

LHG Jr.  


We have a second home in North Scottsdale and while visiting for a couple weeks I called my dentist in Seattle about tooth pain. After describing my symptoms, he suggested I find a local Endodontist and schedule a root canal. I looked on Safari for “The Best Endodontists in Scottsdale”, and read patient reviews. After my initial search, I decided to visit the The Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics website which confirmed my choice. I called and got an appointment the next morning. The staff and Dr. Petersen were excellent. He and his assistant were timely, competent and friendly. The procedure was pain free and I would highly recommend Dr. Petersen. Thank you for getting me in so quickly and relieving me of the discomfort!

Martha W.