Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Can Alleviate Pain & Prevent Extraction

Sometimes, a simple toothache or minor tooth pain will turn into something more serious. Are you currently experiencing pain that won't go away? Do you feel like you may be a good candidate for root canal treatment? If so, Dr. Aric Petersen and his team are here to help. He understands all too well the pain and suffering caused when the inside of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected. Left untreated, this will lead to a dental abscess. It is best to get the problem remedied as soon as possible, instead of letting the pain make the problem worse.

A typical root canal procedure involves the removal of the nerve, known as the pulp, and the cleaning of the affected area before filling and sealing the inside of the tooth. Depending on the presence of tooth decay or structural weaknesses, a crown may be needed in some cases. Whatever the circumstances around your root canal, you need a trusted dental specialist to oversee the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome. Learn more about the steps of a root canal procedure.

With years of combined experience in the industry, Dr. Petersen and his dependable team work diligently to ensure that all patients visiting us receive the dental treatment they need.


  • We are a small, personable dental practice that loves to help both new and returning patients
  • Our staff work extended hours for your convenience
  • After-hours phone calls are always answered by a member of staff, even during the holidays
  • Dr. Petersen has performed countless root canals in a precise, timely and respectful way
  • Patients are treated using a Dental Operating Microscope and Gentlewave® Irrigation system for more precise, comfortable care
  • Same day root canal treatments are available, as well as an IV sedation option for those suffering from dental anxiety
  • We provide instructions and follow-up appointments to help you experience a comfortable recovery
  • Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is used for superior imaging compared to x-rays alone to aid in a more accurate diagnosis
  • Advanced protocols for cleaning of the root canal with the revolutionary GentleWave procedure

In many cases, a patient has come to Petersen Endodontics in pain and afterward confessed that they assumed the root canal treatment process was going to be a painful experience. However, with our modern dental practices, techniques, and tools, this is simply not true! After all, our number one goal has always been to alleviate a patient's pain as soon as possible.

If you are looking for emergency tooth pain relief via a skilled dentist specializing in root canals, search no longer! Please feel free to call Petersen Endodontics at (480) 767-8888 if you have any questions about the root canal treatment process or cost. Alternatively, you can also contact us online.